Solar Farming

Posted on a Friday in 2009 at 3:47 pm in Absurdist, Science Fiction.

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“The biggest solar farm ever is due in 2013, but wouldn’t it make sense to make homes with solar panels? Am I missing something here?” asked Keith.

Two decades later, the World Encyclopedia would pose an answer his question, “The solar fields were full of hot, burning death to anyone who approached too near without protection. And watering them was a bitch at temperatures where liquid didn’t simply evaporate but suffered a violent loss of molecular cohesion.

Still, these issues were worked out, and solar practically grew itself. The only remaining issue was field sizes had to be carefully regulated and maintained to avoid causing the spontaneous combustion of the atmosphere.

Someone once suggested building solar houses, but when the first dozen families spontaneously ignited while moving in, the project was shut down. The homes stand now as glowing and abandoned testaments to the failure of too much literalism in the environmental movement, still as perfect as the day they were built–since young punks with rocks simply burst into flame before they could get within throwing distance–monuments to hubris that would outlast the solar system.”

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