Dilbert Doesn’t Care About Science Fiction

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Dilbert has a problem.

But it’s one he doesn’t know he has.

Dilbert doesn’t care about science-fiction.

He doesn’t read it, he doesn’t think about it, he thinks it is boring, he thinks it is unimportant, he thinks it is irrelevant. He dismisses it when it crosses his mind. Dilbert doesn’t consider science-fiction.

You know who does? The godless commie Russians. They read science-fiction.

They read stories about rockets and starships and robots; about artificial intelligences, about aliens from other planets, about brave space explorers and misguided time travellers; about the horors of biological warfare and the planetary devestation of nuclear winter; about human nobility and sacrifice, and faults and foolishness.

Then we drove the godless commie Russians into the ground and they dropped off the political scene. We won the Cold War with economic attrition.

We created a vaccum of power, and nature abhors a vaccum, so she filled it with fundamentalist Islamic terrorists ready to die for their God, and take everyone else with them.

You know who else doesn’t read science fiction? Fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.

Because it isn’t important. Because it isn’t relevant. Because it isn’t divine.

Fundamentalist Islamic terrorists haven’t thought about colonizing the stars, the birthright of man, the wonders and dangers of technology, the suffering mankind causes himself, or the power man holds over creation.

They’ve never read “Fermi & Frost”.

But the godless commie Russians have read it. They read it and understood it, and though they had their fingers on the button, they had that story in their head.

No one ever pressed the button because both sides knew the consequences of doing so. Dilbert doesn’t know that, so Dilbert doesn’t care about science-fiction.

That’s why when Dilbert stod staring the terrorist in the face, he had no argument to keep the terrorist from pushing the button. He opened his mouth to say “Uh…” and express his vague feeling that this wasn’t a good thing, and that was all.

Because fundamentalist Islamic terrorists don’t read science-fiction.

But Dilbert doesn’t know that.

Because Dilbert doesn’t care about science-fiction.

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