From Mimir's Mouth


Winter Things has received an honorable mention for Best Horror of the Year — 2016 from Ellen Datlow.

I haven’t written much fiction lately. My story Winter Things was recently published in the Lovecraft eZine, however; see Issue #38. You can read a bit of it here and then head to the eZine for the rest.

Put up a few “new” stories that had been elsewhere until now: just some light comical stuff, and a chunk of a fairly dark story laden with black sorcery and demons. Also some editing of and additional material to “Wolf-shirt”.

I’ve made some other minor alterations to the site as the most recent WordPress update appears to have broken a few things–I think I’ve caught them all, but if you run across anything wonky please let me know.

Finally finished up the heretofore incomplete ‘Cricket & Dragonfly’ story, “Waking the Dead”. Enjoy!

New microfic. “Eaten”, posted to the Horror category. Posted originally to my LJ. I also don’t know how regular any updates or work on the site will be as I am going through a painful personal time right now and have been for a while now (as you can probably tell from the new fic).

I’m rebooting the Well from the ground up, and hope to have that completed (or at least started) sometime in the next six months. As part of that, I’ve put up the third completed story in the Misha series. I’ve marked 2005 as the copyright date, though I don’t honestly recall when I completed the story.

Finally, my short fiction piece “God of Blood & Rain” was chosen as the opening story in the “Weird Enclaves & Black Pits” anthology. So, w00ts! Yes, I said “w00ts”.

UPDATE: For publication, the anthology has been renamed “Roll the Bones” and, unfortunately, my piece was moved further back in the story order (I haven’t heard why the order was changed).

The Dark Sun inspired story When Kritha Met Misha is an old piece from around seven years ago that I recently realized I hadn’t put up on the Well yet. My friends at Dark Sun Brazil long ago honored me by making a version translated into Portuguese available as a PDF, but the English version has been offline until now.

The story Misha’s Rejectionfound here on the Well–is the prequel to it, though written afterwards. There are a third (a prequel to the prequel) and fourth (a sequel) part to the story I’ve worked on but have not finished or posted.

Two things: one, since no one is using the rating system, I’ll start it off and mark the stories about where I think they are for me (I’ve started doing this). Two, I’ve realized that with the spate of incomplete stories I’ve put up here, I need to mark them out from the finished ones, and the easiest way to do this seems to be adding a new category tag (incomplete). I should probably mark the Dragonfly & Cricket pseudo-serial entries out as well.

So, what about new fiction? Or finishing some of the incompletes? Pretty busy with illustration work right now, and I know folks are looking at that — rather than this, which seems to me to be an empty wasteland through which none are passing — so maybe eventually unless someone prods me into it sooner.

Around a year after my last post to the Well, I’ve added two new stories. One is another piece in the Cricket & Dragonfly serial, the other is another concept piece with no ending yet. But hey, at least I’m writing again.


As you can see, I have two new stories in-progress. Instead of spreading each story over multiple posts, I will post additions to each entry then post an administrative update with an anchor-link to the addition. I will continue working on each story as time (and inspiration) permit — if you wish, you can also comment on them and tell me which you’d prefer I focus on!