Originally, the Well of Mimir was a bit of a web experiment for me, based around writing a “one page” a couple times a week (around 800 words). But now the Well is being used to post various bits and pieces of stories, either complete or in piecemeal, posted and updated at no regular interval.

What you’ll find in this archive is mainly non-serial fiction, with an occasional serial thrown in. It’s mainly draft-quality, meaning only it hasn’t seen an editor yet. The genres range from all over the speculative fiction spectrum–fantasy, horror, and sci-fi, as well as some fairly absurd comedy. Be aware any number of the stories are incomplete (ie: I am working on them or have momentarily abandoned them). They are tagged as such so that, you prefer not to read such, they can be easily avoided. Or you can consider them to be serial fiction and wait with breathless anticipation for their conclusion. Be aware I may also muck about with the archives, and things that were here may occasionally disappear or be replaced for various of my own inscrutable reasons.

New postings and completed stories, and very occasionally other things, are announced From Mimir’s Mouth. The site has an RSS feed that updates whenever a new story posts, and you can subscribe to e-mail updates in the sidebar. The posting of a new story is usually mentioned on my LiveJournal, though it is otherwise oft-neglected.

So far, the majority of my published writing has been content for business websites, and associated advertisement and brochure copy, followed by role-playing games and supplements, as well as a few pieces of purely technical documentation. Yet some of my fiction, and a long time ago some poetry, has made an appearance in fanzines and even an anthology or two. I am also a professional artist and illustrator. I wear a lot of hats.

My name is Raven. I live in the Midwest raising a ridiculously large family, in a house that isn’t quite big enough, along with three dogs of increasing sizes and two cats.